Insurance Cost

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Wed Apr 14 07:17:32 PDT 2010

I sold my GPz in 2008.  My pending insurance bill was $1083.00 (900.00 USA$) 
for liability only.   I bought a Suzuki 1000 v strom to ride across Labrador 
and the insurance dropped to $474.00 (liability only).  I just paid the 2010 
bill $535.00 ($530.00 USA).  The bastards are nickling and dimeing me to 
death.  I imagine if I tried to insure Northrop's Aprilla in Canada I'd have 
to sell my house.
I know a few American insurers want into the Canadian Market but our 
insurance companies are tied in with the politicians and have them closed 
out.  Maybe we should do the same with all the shit made in China that Wal 
Mart sells.
Well I'm off to ride a Stihl 280 brush wacker for 3 - 4 hours to finish 
cleaning up 3/4 acre of thorn trees & bushes at the cottage.  Probably won't 
be able to walk upright for a week.

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> $650 if I just washed it.
> Charles S.
> John Soliday wrote:
>> if you total it, you get what, $500 ;-)
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>> A sign of being an old fart, my GPZ was $360 a year for a very long
>> time.  It's down to $180 a year, full coverage, 100/300/100 with State
>> Farm.
>> Charles S.
>> 95 GPZ1100
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