Cheap Turn Signals

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Wed Apr 14 18:48:08 PDT 2010

For sure they are a Chinese knock-off, heck is there anything you can buy
now that isn't made there?!?  

I sold most of my 3 garage worth of a lifetime of tools other than my 3
Craftsman tool chests, yep, 3 of the roller one's full of hand tools and
weird one-off bike/car tools.  Wish I had my Miller welder and industrial
size, ~ 130 gallon air compressor back but divorces cost a lot because they
are worth it!!!  

So on the tool story, I told the guys at the first of the year GPZ
fest/feast at Cracker Barrel I had a total of six new tires to figure out
how to install.  I started looking around and decided I could pay for this
guy easily in one year....

...and made in the US of A!!!

It arrived today and I have to work tonight but plan on putting it together
tomorrow.  I'm planning on putting new tires on the KLR, GPZ, and Vrod which
should pay for about half of it.  Then, I'm going to put an ad on Craigslist
and change tires for others to pay for the other half.  Even ordered the
balancer as well so I'm set.  No more "begging" the dealer to put on an
internet purchased tire for me!  So Charles, Mike, all you other Denver GPZ
guys, come on up, we'll slap 'em on in no time.  Check out the youtube video
on this thing, that's what sold me.

John (I love tools)

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wierd - these don't look like the stock front turn signals.  mine is under a
cover, but i don't recall that ugly screw holding on the orange lens.  i'm
guessing these are either a chinese knock-off, or maybe from the EX500?  i
think the blinkers from the 500 are the same, no?

ya, at those fairing prices, there's probably a future in plastic welding,
if you were so inclined to learn how.  over the last year, i went and bought
a mig welder (had to have it, ya know) and it has opened up a whole new
world of "garage tinkering" projects.  between the welder, and a few
winches, i've managed to put together my mcgyver solution for storing a 16'
hobie cat (sail boat) in my garage... hung from the ceiling above the
truck...  ya, my neighbors all concur that i have too much time to think...


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> Just saw this on ebay if anybody is
> looking.  By the way the upper fairing
> is now ~$750 and the lower fairing pieces are now ~$400,
> jeez, can
> probably fabricate or JB Weld anything and have it custome
> painted for THOSE
> prices.
> John
> clesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#ht_3223wt_939


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