First ride on the FJR

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Fri Apr 16 05:46:44 PDT 2010

Rode the FJR home wenesday from the dealership. I had a bunch of things to 
do that day so only got in a 60 mile trip. First impressions are More power 
then the GPZ, better handling (It's very 'YZF'-like in the handling dept.) 
Seat seems good so far in the limited seat time I have on it. Electric 
windshield is nice, but I need slightly higher and wider. NOt bad though. 
Gauges are awesome. Instant mileage, average mileage, ambient temp, dual 
trip meters all good! riding it was like I've been on it for years it felt 
VERY natural.

Downsides: The bike is VERY wide at the tank and I feel like I'm being 
splayed when riding it. I was actually in pain wednesday night. It's also 
very tall even with the seat on the lowest position. I almost dropped it 
twice just getting it into my shed yesterday. Also its a bit heavier then 
the GPZ I usually lift the GPZ by the grab handle and scoot the rear end 
around in my shed . I couldn't budge this one from the back I had to go from 
the side and lift with a pull to move it. Power comes on in that unnatural 
fuel injected manner that I don't like. Nothing beats a properly tuned set 
of carbs for smoothness and control.

I already ordered some goodies for it, a vista cruise, a set of frame 
sliders, clear pre-cut tank protector material (Whatever happened to 1/2 
tank bra's in the $40 range? I found one that was $90!!! I'm not cheap but 
that seems way too excessive.) and I'm ordering a Givi bag today. I'm also 
going to order the shelf for it and a Sirius radio adaptor kit for the long 
haul stuff, as well as a garmin Zumo before I take any long trips. I should 
have this all set up by June I figure.

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