Jardine Install

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Time will tell I guess.  I've got standard Kehin 100's, and the dynojet 104
and 108, stock is 110.  When I got the dynojet high altitude kit for the
KLR, it came with 3 different main jets and I put in the middle size.  So
far, the KLR is running pretty good but I've only made one ride up to peak
to peak so may drop the main to the smallest and see how it runs as well.
It is kind of weird how the dynojet kits have oddly tapered main jets and
needles to match.  Not sure if it's a performance requirement or they make
them one-off so people couldn't just "copy" the setup with off the shelf



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         If I remember correctly a few years back I tried to make my own jet
kit by buying stock numbered jets from Vickerys, turns out that stock jets
were numbered and sized different from the jet kits, I tried to run mine on
108s and it was so lean it wouldnt pull at full throttle. I bought a jet kit
and installed the 108s and it ran pretty good, a little hitch right off
idle, but still good. Now I run these carbs when I need to pull the
flatslides for cleaning.
        Hope this is not the case with yours.

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Once again thanks Andy the system was in great shape for used!  Aftermarket
nstall is always a bit of "adjustment".  Had to loosen the header head nuts
what was I thinking assuming I could just snug up the header and the rest
f the system would fit;-)  Added some Permatex high temperature sealant to
he mid-tube and muffler, also had to have the center stand up (guess it
ould have been nice to have assembly instruction, no worries though).  Got
t all buttoned up and fired her up to cure the sealant and also bake the
HT header paint.  It amazes me how these header companies understand how to
ake the pipe's the right length the help quiet the system at low RPM's by
estructive exhaust pulses, thus a straight-through muffler.  Then when the
PM's come up, the header length changes to constructive pulses and that
ipe snarls!!!  This is a great system and I'm sure it's a lot like the
uzzy as it is a left side exit.  If you short shift the engine it's
bsolutely tame under 4K, above that it's nasty.  Mental note, short shift
hrough Boulder ;-)
So I also went down to Rocky Mountain Kawa to get (4) 100 main jets per
ynojet instructions.  What a deal, they were $3.23 a piece, cheaper than
ny online source!!!!  Maybe taking a six pack of Coors to the main mechanic
or a previous KLR fix got me a deal, who knows.  Anyhow, I'll let the bike
it tonight and bake the header paint and sealant and then tomorrow we go
ut with the stock jetting.  Now before you go nuts on me, remember we are
t 5300 feet altitude, so a "lean" CA spec bike becomes a "rich" bike up
ere and it sounds, runs good right now in the garage.  But I did get the
ynojet kit and found the Factory kit when cleaning up the garage.  So
ynojet told me to change the needle to one position leaner, and to go get
ome 100 jets as the sea level kit came with 104 and 108 mains vs. the 110
tockers.  The reason the dynojet kits have smaller mains is because the
eedle taper is much more aggressive than the stock needles.  We'll see, but
y bike sucked hind tit up at peak to peak totally stock, smelled like
nburnt fuel and basically ran pretty sad.  My KLR is now running wonderful
ith the dynojet high altitude kit and a full FMF system so I'm looking
orward to taking the GPZ up to 10K on the Jardine and the dynojet "over the
hone - high altitude setup"

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