Joe Rocket Liner

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sun Apr 18 07:14:03 PDT 2010

We're getting a cool (10C--50F) but sunny day.  I figured I'd go for a ride.
I've been wearing my Joe Rocket Kevlar jacket along with Kevlar chain saw 
pants, leather gloves, safety boots, safety glasses and a chain saw hard hat 
with muffs & a shield to cut the thorn bushes and trees.  Even with all this 
shit on, my face is still scratched up like I've been bagging bobcats and 
ran out of bags.
 I washed the jacket and liner as both smelled of 2 stroke exhaust and 
sweat.  The jacket came out fine but the front of the liner is in rags.
Any one know where I can buy just the liner?


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