Oil leak from foot gear shifter?

Patrick Thompson iamthedoc at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 05:55:19 PDT 2010

Thanks alex, still a very small leak. Although these are the things that keep me up at night. lol!

Alexander Finger <af at genevainformation.ch> wrote:

>> Hello all, I have a small oil leak where the foot gear shifter shaft goes into the gear area. I had the bike in a shop about a year and a half ago with the same prob, they installed a new ,very inexspensive seal and fixed the prob. Noticed it dripping again today. Has anyone out there come across this?
>I think this is the famous counterbalance seal but I might be wrong.
>In any case - I have had the same issue repeatedly, but now it's been
>gone for a few years.
>IMHO trying to replace it until it's ok is a fair strategy but the
>gurus on the list might point out a better one ;)

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