Oil leak from foot gear shifter?

Patrick Thompson iamthedoc at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 06:25:45 PDT 2010

Thanks Dennis, is it easy to make the repair?

Dennis P <gpzeer at gmail.com> wrote:

>I have changed mine countless times over the last 15 years, and the leak 
>always comes back.  When I look at the motion of the shaft during shifting 
>it appears that instead of a pure circular motion the shaft also moves a 
>little side to side (more like describing an oval rather than a circle).  I 
>think these side to side motions eventually cause the seal to leak.   I 
>think it is my GPZs way of making me pay attention to her.
>Dennis Peterson
>95 RED
>Orem, UT USA
>Which part of "Slower traffic keep right" is so hard to understand
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>Subject: Re: Oil leak from foot gear shifter?
>> Thanks alex, still a very small leak. Although these are the things that 
>> keep me up at night. lol!
>> Alexander Finger <af at genevainformation.ch> wrote:
>>>> Hello all, I have a small oil leak where the foot gear shifter shaft 
>>>> goes into the gear area. I had the bike in a shop about a year and a 
>>>> half ago with the same prob, they installed a new ,very inexspensive 
>>>> seal and fixed the prob. Noticed it dripping again today. Has anyone out 
>>>> there come across this?
>>>I think this is the famous counterbalance seal but I might be wrong.
>>>In any case - I have had the same issue repeatedly, but now it's been
>>>gone for a few years.
>>>IMHO trying to replace it until it's ok is a fair strategy but the
>>>gurus on the list might point out a better one ;)

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