Oil leak from foot gear shifter?

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Mon Apr 19 09:44:33 PDT 2010

I find that if you get a set of dental picks (walmart etc) you can easily 
pry the seal out without drilling. Much easier in my opinion.

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> Hi John / Patrick,
> I've done mine twice in 5 yrs. Lay the bike over away from the gear change 
> side or drain some oil out of the engine so that the oil level is below 
> the seal. Take off the shift lever then carefully drill a small hole in 
> the seal ( about 2 mm) and insert a self tapper screw. If you want you can 
> do 2 holes & 2 screws, one opposite each other. Pull the screw with a pair 
> of pliers and the seal will normally pop out with it. Clean the shaft. Put 
> a smear of grease on the new seals lip and slide it on the shaft. A gentle 
> tap with a piece of wooden dowel or similiar will seat the new seal in 
> place. Shift lever back on, job done. Don't forget to top up the oil if 
> you went down that route!
> Hope this helps, worked a treat for me!
> Ian
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> On 19 Apr 2010, at 14:24, "John Soliday" <johnsoliday at msn.com> wrote:
> Mine is doing the same thing!  I ordered the seal and it looks like it 
> might be possible to "pick out" the old one a slide in a new one but I've 
> never done that before.  In the mean time I cleaned the area up well and 
> sprayed the seal with carb cleaner hoping it might swell a bit.
> Any info on how to replace the seal would be appreciated here.
> John
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> Hello all, I have a small oil leak where the foot gear shifter shaft goes 
> into the gear area. I had the bike in a shop about a year and a half ago 
> with the same prob, they installed a new ,very inexspensive seal and fixed 
> the prob. Noticed it dripping again today. Has anyone out there come 
> across this?
> schnowz <schnowz at att.net> wrote:
> Or if you live on the right coast
> http://providence.craigslist.org/mcy/1654116140.html
> I'm not sure if the owner is still on the list but as I remember he put 
> new plastic all around on it. - looks like new to me..
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> yep, this would be mine - the one that got a whopping 100 miles on it 
> since this time last year...  probably a little high on price, but we'll 
> see.
> http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/1696017010.html
> hope you all enjoy riding this weekend!
> andy b
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