Update on Header and Jetting

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Mon Apr 19 18:24:19 PDT 2010

There are probably a lot of ways to skin this cat but I've still got the
dynojet springs.  And while they may "suck", they do allow the slides to
move up quicker, which is the whole point.  I can change to the stockers and
see what happens, I'll bet I'll then need to readjust the needle position,
but right now we're good to go.  

Here is my high altitude setup right now using the dynojet kit.

Dynojet Springs.
Dynojet 104 mains
Needle clip at 4th position, two washers on top (that's just to center the
circlip in the retainer, not sure why they don't just a thicker washer :-)
I might need to lean my pilots but still have the stockers in there.
I got 2 turns out on my idle screws, but will mess with them to get as good
an idle as possible.

Another dynamic on my bike is the Muzzy advancer, which is set at 8 degrees
more than stock.  I adjusted that as well and whatever jetting changes I
made the bike liked maximum advance so I put it back there.  You can get
away with a LOT of advance up here with no air.

Charles/Mike do you guys have advancers in your bikes?  It's free throttle
response up here at altitude.



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The dynojet springs suck, toss them in the trash and go back to the
original springs.  Andy is 100% correct.

Charles S.

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> may want to check with scapps, but i got rid of the dynojet springs and
> stayed with the stock springs.  worked way better.  the set up i had was:
> stock air box and filter
> stock springs
> 104 main jet, clip in 2nd position with 1 shim under and 2 over the clip
> think the shims were 1/2 the clip setting distance)
> #38 pilot jets
> something in the 3-4 turn range on the pesky little screw needles.

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