Update on Header and Jetting

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          Much easier on the gpz, thats for sure, I watch guys on those 600s trying to get out of the hole and those poor clutches are taking a beating, engines spinning 11,000 rpm and bike sitting still, ouch.
        On the gpz I just stage it at about 5500 or 6000 and let the clutch fly on the last yellow, I have tried leaving at a higher rpm but all that sweet gpz torque just sends a street tire up in smoke.
        Mph is your hp indicator, and133 mph is 10 second speed if you could get the thing to launch. 
       The other problem is most of the magazine test riders seem to weigh about a buck 20, you put average size guys (or large individuals like myself ) on the bike and the gpz advantage gets even better.  
      I will only race the gpz a few times this year, I dont want to beat on it too much, but it is fun to really get after it and not have to worry about joe law, also for some reason it really gets in some of the car guys heads when they have to race a bike, and I will take every advantage I can get.
     Maybe you or Charles can come out to Julesburg on the 4th of July weekend and we can settle the debate on which is faster, blck or red. LOL. 


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'09 ZX6: 11.11 @ 133.74 mph
'95 GPZ1100:  11.09 seconds @ 121.15 mph
Pretty close I must admit ;-), bet getting down the quarter is easily on the
PZ though...Mike can probably chime in.

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