FJR so far

Patrick Thompson iamthedoc at
Sat Apr 24 04:42:52 PDT 2010

Damn, sounds like a sweet  ride! 

dominatr37 <dominatr37 at> wrote:

>So far I've installed:
>the tankslapper material,
>the Nelson-Rigg solar battery tank bag (SL-10)
>the Vista cruise,
>carbon look frame sliders
>I have ready to be installed:
>The Helmet guardian (came in today, and will install it tomorrow after work)
>Symtec grip heaters (waiting for the new grips I ordered at the same time 
>which of course were back ordered. 719 gel grips BTW)
>Givi V46 bag and mount which I have to pick up from Catfish and will do 
>I'm waiting for:
>National Cycles V-Stream windshield I ordered today
>Saddle bag reflectors (Those whole bag reflectors that are black unless 
>headlights are on them.)
>Stuff I probably will get but haven't yet:
>Cee Bailey Headlight covers
>Hyper-light 16 LED flashing brake lights
>Stuff I definitely will get in a few weeks:
>Garmin Zumo 550
>Sirius radio bike mount
>FJR shelf.
>That SHOULD complete the bike for me! The seat seems okay right now but only 
>a long day ride will tell for sure. Hopefully next weekend will be nice here 
>so I can get one in.
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