Geepers for sale:

Thomas Hoy thoy at
Fri Aug 6 22:28:15 PDT 2010

Okay folks,  
Here is the deal, sparky.
CA supreme court oral arguments septemer 8th regarding the back pay that
Arnold owes us.  That puts money in my pocket by october 31st, maybe
earlier.  The gross is about $5000.00

I need either of the following motorcycles:

86 ninja 1000r,
88-90 zx-10
91-whenever zx-11
95+ GPz1100
ZRX 1100-1200  to add to my collection.

I will also be buying an older BMW 3,5, or 7 series car for dirt cheap, so
if any listers has one hiding around, that too will be interesting.

I am more inclined toward the three older bikes, as my collection seems to
be going old-new.
If you have one, and are considering sale at $3000 or less for any of these
items, please let me know. 
I like to be prepared for such things early, and I would like to buy from a
lister if possible, because I trust you guys.

Please report in with what you have if you are considering a dump

(I could also be talked into a VFR-750 from 1986-1995)

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