Geepers for sale:

vince stone realmortician at
Sat Aug 7 07:19:33 PDT 2010

I have a 96 gpz 1100, green(Black), with 24K miles.  I was going to put it
on craigslist today because I just don't ride it anymore.  It runs fantastic
and the only thing it NEEDS is tires.  Plastic is scratched but not broken.
 I can send you pics if you email me directly.  realmortician at  I
was going to ask 2500 on CL but 2000 for a lister.  I'm in Vacaville, CA.


On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 10:28 PM, Thomas Hoy <thoy at> wrote:

> Okay folks,
> Here is the deal, sparky.
> CA supreme court oral arguments septemer 8th regarding the back pay that
> Arnold owes us.  That puts money in my pocket by october 31st, maybe
> earlier.  The gross is about $5000.00
> I need either of the following motorcycles:
> 86 ninja 1000r,
> 88-90 zx-10
> 91-whenever zx-11
> 95+ GPz1100
> Zzr-1200.
> ZRX 1100-1200  to add to my collection.
> I will also be buying an older BMW 3,5, or 7 series car for dirt cheap, so
> if any listers has one hiding around, that too will be interesting.
> I am more inclined toward the three older bikes, as my collection seems to
> be going old-new.
> If you have one, and are considering sale at $3000 or less for any of these
> items, please let me know.
> I like to be prepared for such things early, and I would like to buy from a
> lister if possible, because I trust you guys.
> Please report in with what you have if you are considering a dump
> (I could also be talked into a VFR-750 from 1986-1995)
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