Hello, Is anyone home?

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 17:06:19 PDT 2010

Try and find a good ride in China. One student has an unlicensed R1 -he's in 
with the
good crowd. See anything over 250cc is not legal and anything over 500cc the 
police won't
even try to catch you. They know you've got them beat. Gawd, send me a bike!

What's with the whining about work hours? During summer break the kids flood in 
to the
private schools to learn English, at least 3 days a week I work 12 hours and my 
so called
days off -I do private lessons for IELTS or visa and job interviews etc. 
I can't help out with the gun issue, they just are not here. Squeeze a trigger 
for me, plz!

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Wish I could say it's been a great summer, but I hate lying.

As some of you might have seen in the reply to the brackets....my work has been 
overworking us like crazy.  Since July 1st, I've had only 5 days off, and every 
other day has been 11+ hours, with no sign of it letting up soon.  This is what 
happens when you buy a network sight-unseen.
To top that off, the weather can't make up its mind to rain, bake, chill, or all 
of the above in the same day.  AND..the GPZ didn't want to start the last few 
times I wanted to ride.
The only good point to the whole summer is that I finally managed to get my 
Conceal Carry license, and went out and bought a pistol.  Once work gives me 
some free time, it's off to the range to use up some ammo.

Oh, and i did manage to get the bike started yesterday and rode to work.  It was 
WONDERFUL, even if it was 87 degrees and humid as a rainforest.  I think the 
battery is going.   If the bike is sitting for more than two weeks, it won't 
start without a recharge.  It'll crank...but I'm guessing no spark (I can smell 
the gas from the exhaust so I know it's getting fuel).

There's a few other personal issues making this summer miserable, but I won't 
bore ya'll.

Michael in Holley ( and hoping things look up before I call it quits and move to 

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Subject: Hello, Is anyone home?

I'm hoping everyone is out riding and having a great summer, because
this list is dead.

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