Hello, Is anyone home?

coldinvt at gmavt.net coldinvt at gmavt.net
Thu Aug 12 19:24:24 PDT 2010

Have fun with the gun and enjoy the bike, Mike... You'll get through the
rest of it!

Ride safe,

> Wish I could say it's been a great summer, but I hate lying.
> As some of you might have seen in the reply to the brackets....my work has
> been overworking us like crazy.  Since July 1st, I've had only 5 days off,
> and every other day has been 11+ hours, with no sign of it letting up
> soon.  This is what happens when you buy a network sight-unseen.
> To top that off, the weather can't make up its mind to rain, bake, chill,
> or all of the above in the same day.  AND..the GPZ didn't want to start
> the last few times I wanted to ride.
> The only good point to the whole summer is that I finally managed to get
> my Conceal Carry license, and went out and bought a pistol.  Once work
> gives me some free time, it's off to the range to use up some ammo.
> Oh, and i did manage to get the bike started yesterday and rode to work.
> It was WONDERFUL, even if it was 87 degrees and humid as a rainforest.  I
> think the battery is going.   If the bike is sitting for more than two
> weeks, it won't start without a recharge.  It'll crank...but I'm guessing
> no spark (I can smell the gas from the exhaust so I know it's getting
> fuel).
> There's a few other personal issues making this summer miserable, but I
> won't bore ya'll.
> Michael in Holley ( and hoping things look up before I call it quits and
> move to Phoenix)
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> I'm hoping everyone is out riding and having a great summer, because
> this list is dead.
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