Hello, Is anyone home?

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Wed Aug 18 18:44:04 PDT 2010

I'm a little leery of the pistol grip 12 gauge.
The guy I bought the Nylon 10 from wanted to sell me his defender.
A week prior he had been making hamburger patties and saw a coyote in his 
back yard .  He grabbed the defender, slid 2 shells into it, kicked the back 
door open, raised the gun , and touched off a 3" magnum.  He woke up in an 
ambulance on the way to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Renfrew.
Apparently he hadn't wiped off his hands and lost his grip on the shot gun. 
It flew back and the reciever caught him just below his left eye. It 
sprained his thrub,  broke his nose, blackened both eyes and damaged his 
sinus passages.   He still had a slight speech impediment and a multi 
colored Lone Ranger mask.


> You familiar with the Sherpa?
> If not, it is a pistol grip 12g w/ 12" barrel. about $500. You need to 
> have
> a trust own it, which I have for reasons other than guns.
> Only drawback is it's a 3 shot.
> Would be perfect for use on a bike.

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