Hello, Is anyone home?

Alexander Finger af at genevainformation.ch
Thu Aug 19 13:54:48 PDT 2010

Forget the guns, I went riding yesterday and today with my son.

On wednesday afternoon we took off to Serres, which is south enough to be
"South" - mediterranean landscape, smell, warmth. Everything we took with us
(and yes, we packed change and the toothbrush as well) fit into the Givis.
The campground we staid on was pretty empty (I expected the season to be in
full bloom..strange), so we got plenty of space for the GPZ and the small


I really like this landscape (it's called "High Alpes" or "High Provence",
haute Provence, as it's the border between the alps and the provence

This morning we took off at 1030 to get back home (we got home at 2040..),
first through the country before the mountains (
then into the mountains (
I pushed the GPZ above the 99'000 km mark during the ride :)

(nb, having travelled a bit in the US I understand some of the views on
France better. But we're getting there. We have WIFI!!
the middle of nowhere (look it up on a map..)).

Roads start to get funny when trucks are forbidden on them:
With the saddlebags full and my son it was actually work to get up and
down the high passes..but worth the effort ;)

This, btw, is a "full" restaurant:
had no place for us to eat anymore (I cursed them in german, on the

But we found better to eat and took off again for the mountains..


up to the highest point of the journey (
2600m, 7'200ft..

The bike? Bliss. I had changed Oil before the trip and she just ran. Every
touch on the start button a jolt of joy ;)..and the old lady still! turns
heads :-)


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