Hello, Is anyone home?

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Thu Aug 19 14:29:31 PDT 2010

Very nice Alex.  Wish I was there.

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> Forget the guns, I went riding yesterday and today with my son.
> On wednesday afternoon we took off to Serres, which is south enough to be
> "South" - mediterranean landscape, smell, warmth. Everything we took with 
> us
> (and yes, we packed change and the toothbrush as well) fit into the Givis.
> The campground we staid on was pretty empty (I expected the season to be 
> in
> full bloom..strange), so we got plenty of space for the GPZ and the small
> tent.
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975426048_JGJjA-M-LB
> I really like this landscape (it's called "High Alpes" or "High Provence",
> haute Provence, as it's the border between the alps and the provence
> region):
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975434746_vXaVJ-M-LB
> This morning we took off at 1030 to get back home (we got home at 2040..),
> first through the country before the mountains (
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975441810_2qqEU-A-LB),
> then into the mountains (
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975451497_hHjPH-A-LB).
> I pushed the GPZ above the 99'000 km mark during the ride :)
> (nb, having travelled a bit in the US I understand some of the views on
> France better. But we're getting there. We have WIFI!!
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975449291_beEFiin
> the middle of nowhere (look it up on a map..)).
> Roads start to get funny when trucks are forbidden on them:
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975453961_P57ky-A-LB.
> With the saddlebags full and my son it was actually work to get up and
> down the high passes..but worth the effort ;)
> This, btw, is a "full" restaurant:
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975456798_5rnES-A-LBthey
> had no place for us to eat anymore (I cursed them in german, on the
> intercom..).
> But we found better to eat and took off again for the mountains..
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975464276_D6Boq-A-LB..
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975476416_ntK6P
> up to the highest point of the journey (
> http://genevainformation.smugmug.com/gallery/13406496_VqQky#975479998_cXWPK-A-LB),
> 2600m, 7'200ft..
> The bike? Bliss. I had changed Oil before the trip and she just ran. Every
> touch on the start button a jolt of joy ;)..and the old lady still! turns
> heads :-)
> Alex
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