Merry Christmas

Paul Heim suprhtr at
Thu Dec 23 03:14:18 PST 2010

Jim and All:

Merry Christmas!  I'm off work until January 10th, but we have plenty to do 
so it won't be all rest.  If you're traveling, be safe!

Paul in Ohio

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From: Marilyn Mason
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To: Paul Heim
Subject: Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas or seasons greeting which ever 
suits you.
I've got a Christmas tree to get in after I find the stand.
My wife and daughter gave me a Labrador retriever pup for Christmas.  So far 
he's done about $150.00 worth of damage chewing through various power cords. 
He did learn a little about electricity this morning.  A neighbor has 3 
ponies enclosed in 4 acres of electric fence.  He was probably interested in 
getting a frozen horse ball as a chew toy.  Labs will eat anything.  I had 
been wondering if the fence was actually powered until Levi came yelping 
  He will still have to learn, skunk, porcupine and wasp at Our Lady of 
Canine Hard Knocks elementary.


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