schnowz schnowz at
Mon Dec 27 06:12:25 PST 2010

"Hey Guys..
I was to the Cycle World Seattle motorcycle show here a few weeks ago (been
busy and not posted this thought yet).
Wanted to warn you all that the show may not be as good as always in your
area and to check the website for manufacturers attending.

In Seattle the price was up to $15 and the value was really down.
issing on the floor, BMW, KTM, Aprilla, MotoGuzi, Ural..  To name a few.
Really small showing by Suzuki (ie. Tiny floor space).
I haven't been to a show in a few years..Triumph has been missing for a few years in NY.
I figure they must be ripping off the the exhibitors and they figure it's not worth there effort.

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