Getting Old?

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Thu Feb 11 11:51:32 PST 2010

Hey Charles, Hey guys!

Amen to the non-recognition the GPz gets at the local shop.  In fact, I stopped going to the closest one since they told me they don't work on "older" bikes.  Like a UJM is so hard to figure out?  WTF?  For me, ok, but them?  Not the way to endear themselves to me to maybe become the place I buy my next bike from.  I mean, it could happen!  LOL!

Yes, the List has seen better days, but some of us are still out here.  I still ride my GPz, only not as much since there've been several other higher priorities than riding lately (just ask my woman!), like our home remodel, the ex wife's cancer condition getting worse, and more.

I am also on FaceBook as Rhunsted Jordan, my real birth name FWIW.

Regards, "you know you're really old": alas, ain't that the truth?  That sucks!  I'll be 60 in 3 years, fercrissakes!  Holding up ok though.

Take care guys.
Ron Jordan
red '95 bought new - kinda beat up these days, but runs strong!
Altadena, CA

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I'm buried with work and having to put in nights and weekends until
he end of the month, so I've decided to let the local dealer (I trust
he mechanic who will work on it) do a tune up on the GPZ so it's
eady for summer.  When the service writer asked me what kind of bike
t was, I replied a 95 GPZ1100.  His response (not trying to be a
mart ass, he was serious) was: Does it run??
Okay, I know the bike and me aren't in quite the shape we were in 1997
hen I bought it, but we both still run.  Just not as fast as we once
id.  ;-)  Bill Vickery, the owner and I were talking about the new
onnie 14's and he replied that when you say GPZ most people don't
now what you are talking about.  Sad, but true.
Charles S.
You know you're old when you see a pretty girl and you wonder what her
other looks like and if she's single.

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