Shoei RF 1100

Stephen hampson shampson at
Fri Jul 9 11:09:10 PDT 2010

I've used the RF1000 (xr1000 over here) for the past 4 years. Its wearing
very well fits my head shape well and is all day comfy.

Only downside for me is that they say removable liner but in reality that's
only the cheek pads and strap covers. Which can make it a pain to clean.


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Time for a new lid.  Anyone ride with a Shoei RF 1100 (or the older RF
1000)?  I like the fit and light weight, but if I'm going to spend that kind
of money (the local dealer will sell me a large, solid color with some
replacement cheek pads for $405) I want some testimonials.  My old Shoei X-9
feels considerably heavier than the RF, and has a tendency to drag my head
around when looking over my shoulder before changing lanes.  It's also a bit

For my head shape (oval), Shoeis fit very well.  I really like the
removable/washable liner in the newer models, too.

Helmets are something I won't skimp on, and I'll pay the money if the RF
1100 is worth it.  Online testimonials don't mean anything to me; I want
advice from people I can trust.

Drew in VT

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