Shoei RF 1100

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Fri Jul 9 18:12:04 PDT 2010

Three years ago, Bob Sims raved about the RF1000, so I tried one on at the 
Competition Accessories tent at Mid Ohio.  I liked it, bought it for $280, 
and am still happy with it.  They're available in closeout now for obscenely 
low prices.  I'd guess the RF1100 is incrementally better, but the RF1000 is 
a steal right now.

Paul in Ohio
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> Time for a new lid.  Anyone ride with a Shoei RF 1100 (or the older RF
> 1000)?  I like the fit and light weight, but if I'm going to spend that 
> kind
> of money (the local dealer will sell me a large, solid color with some
> replacement cheek pads for $405) I want some testimonials.  My old Shoei 
> X-9
> feels considerably heavier than the RF, and has a tendency to drag my head
> around when looking over my shoulder before changing lanes.  It's also a 
> bit
> noisy.
> For my head shape (oval), Shoeis fit very well.  I really like the
> removable/washable liner in the newer models, too.
> Helmets are something I won't skimp on, and I'll pay the money if the RF
> 1100 is worth it.  Online testimonials don't mean anything to me; I want
> advice from people I can trust.
> Drew in VT

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