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Mon Jun 7 05:31:59 PDT 2010

Charles do you have a picture of the European mounting system. You can fit the oem  as well as the givi 36 on the system?

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Welcome to the list.  Kawasaki also made a different OEM bag setup
that was sold overseas.  You can occasionally find them on ebay
Europe, etc.. I use a set I got from a fellow lister several years
ago.  Not as pretty of mount, but the Euro setup can use any size of
Givi bag.  I have and use both the 21 liter and 36 liter bags.

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100
Centennial, Colorado

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 5:54 PM, Marilyn Mason <masonjs at> wrote:
> Welcome to the list Mike.  As Art said the OEM bags look good but they're
> not the most funtional. Finding the mounting brackets is also a problem now.
> Pickering & Scarboro.  I recall them being quaint little towns a long way
> out of Trawna.
> I feel I'm getting too close.
> Jim

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