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The Euro bag mounts bolt to the cargo hook area same as the US bag
mounts, but the other bracket bolts to the grab rail bolts.  You
cannot use the US OEM bags with this mounting system.  They have the
Givi style bag mounting system and use any style or size Givi bags.
The European OEM bags are 36 liter Givi's and were badged as Kawasaki.
 I don't have a close up of the mounting system, but here's a picture
of my bike heavily loaded just north of Vancouver BC.  The Euro bags
mounts were prone to breakage where the seam was welded together and
one of mine broke on this trip though it was never an issue.  A friend
inserted a stainless steel bolt inside the bracket and rewelded it so
it should be good as long as I own the bike.

Charles S.

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 6:31 AM, Doyle, William <WDoyle at> wrote:
> Charles do you have a picture of the European mounting system. You can fit the oem  as well as the givi 36 on the system?
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> Mike,
> Welcome to the list.  Kawasaki also made a different OEM bag setup
> that was sold overseas.  You can occasionally find them on ebay
> Europe, etc.. I use a set I got from a fellow lister several years
> ago.  Not as pretty of mount, but the Euro setup can use any size of
> Givi bag.  I have and use both the 21 liter and 36 liter bags.
> Charles S.
> 95 GPZ1100
> Centennial, Colorado
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