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Mon Jun 14 05:50:04 PDT 2010

I use stuff made by RevPack <>.  Not
the prettiest, but extremely sturdy and with a lifetime warranty.  Attaches
with straps and clips, with a nice map pouch built in.  Many years ago, I
highsided my '95; the bike was totaled but the tank bag and saddle bags were
more or less undamaged.  Sold them to a friend, who's been using them ever
since.  Takes a lot for me to endorse a product, and I understand not
everyone wants to deal with straps, but the people at RevPack are wonderful.
 So are their products.

Drew in VT

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 6:41 PM, Jeffrey Walker <walkerjl at>wrote:

> Anyone here bought and used a Bagster system for their GPZ?  It's an
> integrated tank cover/protector and tank bag that clips to the tank
> protector.
> Right now I'm using a LP tank protector that I bought off of a fellow list
> member, and my Oxford Sports seems to have strong enough magnets to work
> through the vinyl cover, but its defiantly not on there as tight as when
> the
> magnets are straight on the steel tank.
> Not really looking to upgrade right now, I'm mostly curious.
> J

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