Need info on buying a bike for my 19 y.o. son preferrably 250 cc less than $1, 000.00

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Mon Jun 14 16:20:52 PDT 2010

Hi Ron.. 

Both are good bikes..  
Considerations I would put forward.. 

How big is your boy?..  A tall person crunched up in a "sport" riding
position is rather awkward and un-natural.  Could he see anything in the
mirrors, etc.
If he is a smaller build the lower seat height for good foot/ground contact
is a bonus for new riders and helps minimize the tipping over fears.

The nice thing about an SV (or similar) is the more neutral riding position,
easy to use mirrors, easer to turn your head (shoulder checking) on the bike
without putting in steering input (a newbie common experience).  But if he
is short in the inseam the taller saddle may not be desirable?

My point is find something he "fits" and is not left straining to reach the
ground, handle bars (lock to lock turn & straight reach), adjustable
clutch/brake levers (big / little hands), etc..

We have all seen the guy on the bike with his knees over the top of the gas
tank who has to make the weird body contortions to turn around in a parking
lot as his knees are in the way of the handlebars..  ;-O 

As much as you know and can share, it is great he is taking the MSF course
too..  People always learn more / better from strangers than from family.
It will really open his eyes and mind and will make your shared wisdom /
experience more accepted.

Paul W. Landry (Former Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program
P_Landry at

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The SV is a great bike and you really have to ride it pretty hard to be
scary fast, but they also make excellent roadrace bikes from what I've seen
as well.  I'm not sure you'll have any less chance of an accident on the 250
or the 650, they both go fast enough to hurt you.  The SV price sounds
almost too good to be true, as I've seen low miles Ninja 250's around here
for $2K.  Good luck and I'm glad you're going to be a trusting Dad.  I think
the MSF course will open his eyes about safety.

John (former MSF instructor)

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Subject: Need info on buying a bike for my 19 y.o. son preferrably 250 cc
less than $1,000.00

Hey guys,

I am trying to locate a used starter bike for my 19 son.  He is trying to
get me to agree to his getting an SV 650 Suzuki for $1,000.00 right now.  I
am being told this a great price for the bike.  I really prefer he get a
Ninja 250 that's been dropped a few times but is in good working order

He has zero experience riding.  I am going to be teaching him plenty and he
is enrolled in the motorcycle safety training course, which he says will
also get him his motorcycle status on his license and an insurance discount
when he successfully completes the course. Unlike me, who came up with
motorcycles since I was 12 and riding little minibikes, Honda 50 cc, Yammy
80cc, Honda 125 cc etc, on my way up in farmers fields etc, before I ever
got to street riding - he had been forbidden byhis mom to ride, period, but
in her last days, she agreed that now he's 18, it'd be ok.   

I am fearful to lose my only kid, but I do not want to forbid him either.
I'd actually really like for him to become a rider, and it looks like he's
on his way to doing it the right way.  

I am willing to drive a couple hundred miles to check out such a bike and
bring it home.  I live in Los Angeles CA area.  I'd be willing to go it on
trust with you guys in far flung areas of our country and ship it here, if
you thought a good bike is available outside our area.

Anyone got anything in mind or have seen something that might fit this need?

Ron Jordan
red '95 Altadena, CA 

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