lighting, etc.

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Sat Jun 19 06:50:28 PDT 2010

Trying to increase both my visibility and view at night.   What do you use
for auxiliary lighting?  I'm thinking of adding some fork mounted driving
lights, but I've also seen threads in here about HID conversions and other
options for better night time driving.  Pros and cons?  Options?  If I'm
also adding heated grips, I'm concerned about overall electrical draw.

I also want to add something to increase visibility to traffic approaching
from behind.  I've seen spinners and flashers added to brake systems, but
some are more annoying than helpful.  Added visibility when braking isn't my
only concern; I often drive home on rainy nights, and want to increase my
overall visible "footprint" to traffic.  Suggestions for additional tail

And, again, I'm worried about the total load placed on the  electrical


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