lighting, etc.

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sat Jun 19 07:19:56 PDT 2010

How about a rear facing RPG.  I could have used one last Saturday when I was 
rear ended by some guy is a 1994 GMC van.  Fortunately I was driving my 
Tacoma and he hit my trailer hitch.  I was an insurance 
investigator/adjuster in the late 60's early 70's.  I looked at my truck, 
the trailer hitch is about 2 inches lower and the bumper is bent down.  No 
sheet metal damage. I figured there was about $300.00 - $400.00 damage. You 
realize you've been out of touch too long when the damage estimates came 
back at $1875.00 and $2354.00.  A friggen used back bumper is nearly 
$900.00.  Don't scuff up any of the 3 plastic bits on the bumpers as they 
are each over $80.00.
I hope we get 3 or 4 nice days in a row this week.  I'll go on a short 
vacation some where on the bike.  Maybe just meander through the Kawartha 
Lakes district and smooch a room with my daughter then return via Parry 
Sound , the Muskoka Lakes and Haliburton area.  I'd like to get this done 
before the schools empty and all these roads are jammed with vacationers..


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