gpz bars from the list

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Sat Mar 6 06:48:28 PST 2010

I've been subscribed so long had to look up the link as well.  I think it is
located here...



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Hi Randy..
Welcome to the list..  Your reply came to me only as you did reply..  To get
your message to the entire group, use Reply To All.
I have pushed your query back to the list for those wise (sometimes wise
guys) sages of the GPz List..  ;-D
Sure we can get you some pictures / answers to your questions.
Stock the GPz came with bolt on cast handlebars, not a continuous bent tube
type.  If that is what you have now it has already been modified from stock.
See this link for an article about the bike when new and in stock
See this link for Genmar (handle bar risers)
I can't find the link to what was the original GPzList owners website..
Does someone else have that new link?.. 
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at


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hello I am new to the list, I havent figured it out yet. how does this list
saw your ad about bar risers for the gpz & thought I would inquire. with a
few questions & ask about pics?
I am newish to sport bike world, I had a Triumph tt600 a couple years ago, &
have rode old Harleys for last 10 to 15 years, & in my early days I rode
Kawis, & hondas. 
I have a 1996 GPZ 1100 & I know my gpz has a bolt on bar half.  what exactly
is your conversion. like I said I am relatively new, my only plans for my
bike are to get taller bars, & to lower it to drop seat as I have a 26 inch
inseam & maybe find bags. & after I lower it I will discuss with wife about
if we need a better seat for her backside. but I got the bike to tour on. &
just want to make it comfortable as I can as inexpensively as I can.
Thank you,

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