OEM Saddlebags

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Mon Mar 8 06:34:56 PST 2010

The OEM bags look good on the bike.  The GIVIs look like someone stole 2 or 
3 old TV sets and through them on.  The Givis are a little more water 
resistant than the OEM.  They will keep a light rain or an hour of heavy 
stuff out.  The 5 days on the return from Labrador was too much. 
Fortunately I had all my stuff in Sealine bags inside the Givis.  I think I 
still have some 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners and some plastic washers for 
attaching the OEM bags to the mounting brackets if anyone is in the need.
Down to about a foot (1/3 meter) of snow here.  With a week of temperatures 
rising to 8 - 10C (45 -50F) by late afternoon it could be all gone by the 
weekend.  But this is Eastern Ontario and we could easily get a couple of 
storms in March that could dump 2 mrters (6 feet) or more.  It ain't over 
til the fat lady sings (or a few fat robins start building nests).

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> Ya, I put a metal grommet in the bottom aft of both bags for this very 
> purpose.
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> It's also advisable to burn a
> small hole in the bottom of the rain covers otherwise water spray will
> pool in the bottom and will infiltrate the main bag. (If you burn the
> hole it won't fray).

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