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Now, now, and by the way it's Truman.

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What religion are you?  If Druid you get 2 points. Did you vote for Trueman 
or Capote? Are you left handed or ambidextrous?  Have you ever used a large 
caliber hand gun to exterminate an insect? If not why not?
WE need this to catagorize you.

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>I still havent figured out this? when I go to micapeak I cant find any 
>messages? when I try to go to it tells me I am not 
>authorized to view this page??
> anyway I like the looks of the saddle bags, & would buy them, but.....
> will they fit with a left side muzzy exhaust?????????
> if so I will take! or try to bid if I dont get outbid at last minute.
> Thank you,
> Randy

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