Break in period

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Mon Mar 8 15:19:45 PST 2010

I went to start the bike this morning and found the Oil Cap missing. What a dumb arse - it was on the garage workbench where i left it prior to yesterdays 240 mile ride..
Crap all that salt sand can't be doing any good, luckily I had my son's Ninja as a backup He moved out Sunday and left the Ninja behind. At over 60 mpg it should come in handy this summer and so much easier to maneuver than "the pig"

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Funny, I left the break-in 
sticker on mine just for grins but still only 5K
on the clock.

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 Break in period?

Can I take the Break in sticker off yet? 
150,000 miles and pulls as strong
as ever..


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