Carb Cleaning

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Wed Mar 10 08:05:13 PST 2010


See my opinions on the subject below.  Hope they help a little and I'm
sure someone will chime in.

1. Don't worry about any plastic parts, they were designed to handle
gas immersion.
2. I use Gunk carb cleaner, but any brand should work.  Same as above,
the cleaner shouldn't hurt it.
3. I think there is a spring in the starter circuit IIRC, on the end
of the cable but I never had mine apart.  Two kinds of starter
circuit, enrichening circuit and choke.  How they work is very
4. Yes, the intake boots stay attached.  I just had one replaced that
was leaking air, it made a noticeable difference on how the bike
starts and idles.
5. While I would normally reuse those rubber o-rings, if you could
replace them it wouldn't hurt, especially if they are hard.  I'd bet
you could match them up at a car parts store.
6. Only trick is to use lots of compressed air after soaking the carb
bodies for a few days.  I've used strands of copper wire to clean out
the pilot jets, but they are fairly cheap and I would replace them if
possible.  If you know anyone with an ultrasonic cleaner those work

Good luck!

Charles S.

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 5:26 AM, schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:
> Anyone have a write up or link
> Questions
>     1. Any Plastic rubber parts to worry about in soaking?
>    2. What do you use for cleaner? I have some in the garage somewhere
>        but it could be too aggressive if there's any rubber parts in there.(per the manual)
>     3. No mention of the starter circuit disassembly in the manual -is there a spring or ball in there?
>     4. Looks like the boots stay with the engine on carb removal - is that right?
>     5. I've asked this twice on the list and got zero responses - DO you reuse the O Rings on
>         the Pilot Screw? I've had #1 and #4 out before and they were
>         hard as nails. If not where do ya get em without buying the whole assembly ?
>     6.Any Tips/Tricks I should know?
>     The bike runs OK but the starter circuit is plugged and I've been having to
>      use starter fluid thru the winter
>      Thanks
>       Pete S

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