Carb Cleaning

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Wed Mar 10 11:49:26 PST 2010

Hey Pete,
     I use Castle Dragon's Breath. It's done a good job for me. Supposed to be safe for carb rubber and plastic parts. Don't know anything about the enrichening circuit, haven't had any problems with it so haven't had any reason to take it apart. Yes, the boots stay on the motor. Make sure they're tight against the head. I haven't replaced any of the pilot screw o-rings but they make an o-ring lube that I use on them when I have them out. Seems to keep them pliable. I would take the opportunity to set/equalize the float heights while I had them apart this far. Mine were off. And don't forget a carb sync when you put them back on.


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> Anyone have a write up or link
> Questions
>     1. Any Plastic rubber parts to worry about in soaking?
   2. What do you use for cleaner? I have some in the garage somewhere 
but it
>     could be too aggressive if there's any rubber parts in 
there.(per the manual)
>     3. No mention of the starter 
circuit disassembly in the manual -is there a spring or ball in there?
>     4. Looks like the boots stay with the 
engine on carb removal - is that right?
>     5. I've asked this twice on
 the list and got zero responses - DO you reuse 
>     the O Rings on 
the Pilot Screw? I've had #1 and #4 out before and they were
   hard as nails. If not where do ya get em without buying the whole 
assembly ?
>     6.Any Tips/Tricks I should know?
>     The 
bike runs OK but the starter circuit is plugged and I've been having to
    use starter fluid thru the winter
>                        Thanks
>                              pete S

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