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I might be tempted to sell you my old Garmin GPS IV.  I've kept it for use
on my mountain bike, but I haven't really done any epic rides with it lately
that would require carrying the GPS with me.... I'd like to see it get some
good use.  Unfortunately the display is only black and white, but it does
double from being a handheld with topo maps to giving turn by turn in a car,
and it will interface with a laptop, assuming you've got a serial interface
(I have to use a serial to USB interface cable).

For my motorcycle and car I use a Garmin Streetpilot 2720, which is
fantastic.  I have two of those and may be tempted to sell one of them as



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I know this has been hashed over many times but I never really paid
attention as I was not in the market.

Camping season is almost here and I'll be looking for outdoor shooting
areas. So I look at Google maps and programs like that and kind of have been
scoping potential spots.


Toying with the idea of a gps.

Won't be used much except in the summer for camping, so CHEAP is key.

But I would like a nice color display, not just an lcd with a few numbers.

I would also like the ability to load different topo maps, saw some that
were developed with the forest service.


I know you have to pay to play, but I don't even know what bells and
whistles they come with, so as long as it meets my few requirements I think
I'm ok.


Perhaps a list member who really uses them to tour upgraded and would like
to sell an old one?


If not, recomendations? On top of that, best place for prices?


OR - Should I just get a gps kit and use my laptop?

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