Throttle cable guide

Ped pedmail at
Sun Mar 14 10:18:18 PDT 2010

Hey Pete,

It's fastened to a bolt that is located underneath the right hand 
handlebar - circled in this picture (but on the underside - couldn't get 
the camera down there :-) :

This bolt serves no other purpose than to hold the cable guide.

Jens L. Pedersen
"Black Stealth" GPZ

schnowz skrev:
> Hey Guys asking for some help..
> I'm replacing the throttle cable and need to know where this part goes.
>  I thought it was on the ignition switch screws, but I don't have the original screws and the head is buried in the casting. 
> Questions
> 1. Does it go the ignition switch screw? If not where?
> 2. Which side left or right?
> This part has been missing since the switch was replaced on the BRP years ago and the constant rubbing of the cable knackered the outer sheath. So consequently replacing the cable.
> I'm trying to get this back together with the Carb cleaning today so please E Mail me direct as I'm on Digest and won't recieve a List response til later in the day.
>                      Thanks
>                                      Pete S

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