Throttle cable and carb cleaning

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Sun Mar 14 17:09:24 PDT 2010

  Thanks Ped, that's saves me a lot of aggravation. I didn't wanna guess and have to do the throttle cable twice. Couldn't find the info in the manual or Parts Fische.
 So far I'm up to 2 calls to Dr Scapps.. Thanks Charles.
I found 2 carbs with shims on both the top and bottom of the Needle clip and one with the the shim on the bottom only as it's supposed to be, and one with an extra shim floating around in the holder below the diaphram.
  Also found one float bowl with a missing screw.
 Have the carb back together but prolly won't get it finished til later in the week as I'm freezing my butt off out there and Charles told me what a PIA to get the cables on the carb end. Can't believe they didn't put a hex screw on the bracket that holds the cable, as there is no way you can get it there with a screw driver. I was at the hardware store today and guessed on the screw size - got it wrong..;-(    seems it's the only 5mm on the bike according to the Fische..
  The carbs weren't that dirty considering it hasn't been cleaned since I've had the bike. There was a 1/4" piece of hard crap in one bowl only, but the jets were'nt too bad.  I think the hard starting was caused by the passagways at the at the engine side throttle plate  being a bit clogged. (as has been the case on every carb I worked on back in the day).
  One thing seems wierd though - when i checked the float height they were all a low number meaning the the level should be high - yet I checked 2 carbs before I started with a clear tube held on the side of the carb and they were around the seam of the float chamber which is where they should be. What Gives?
  I'm sure Northrop could have done this in half the time with a blindfold on..
    Pete S
"Hey Pete,

It's fastened to a bolt that is located underneath the right hand 
handlebar - circled in this picture (but on the underside - couldn't get 
the camera down there :-) :

This bolt serves no other purpose than to hold the cable guide.

Jens L. Pedersen
"Black Stealth" GPZ"

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