GPZList Digest, Vol 40, Issue 21--there still may be time to ride

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Tue Mar 23 06:21:52 PDT 2010

> By then, Pete, you can get one of those scooters old people ride around 
> in. If anybody could carve corners on one of those, it would be you. ;-)
A friend and an ex lister John Roddick from Shippensburg PA had one those 
scooters the last time I saw him.  That was the trip a bunch of us took down 
the Skyline and Blue Ridge with a memorable stay at Apoo's flea bag and 
whore house in Front Royal VA in the spring of '06.  I went to see John on 
my way south and to ask if he wanted to join us.  John declined the offer of 
the ride as he had just returned from a run to the bike museum in Birmingham 
He had traded in his 1999 VFR (not enough engine) on a Yamaha FJ 1300 - not 
the one with the candy ass automatic trans.  John had got the bike new the 
previous year and had ridden over 20,000 miles since.   I did buy a 
Frogskin/Frogtog? rain suit from him as I hadn't checked my gear properly 
before I left.  When I pulled out my rain suit only the pants appearred.  My 
boy Gomer had removed the jacket to work on rainy days at the fillin' 
John was born in 1921 and had just had his 85th birthday.  There may be hope 
for us yet.


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