looking for a dual sport

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at gmavt.net
Sun Mar 28 18:40:25 PDT 2010

We invested more than $1000 last year to bring the wife's Shadow 500 back to
like-new condition.  Now that she's gotten some more miles under her belt
she's discovered a cruiser is much too short for her almost 6' frame.
 Anyone have an adventure/dual sport for sale?  She rode  a Honda 250 dual
sport during her rider training course a while ago and loved it.  Sat on an
old Nighthawk today and still felt a little cramped.  I thought a good old
UJM would do the trick for her, but no go.

Her '84 Shadow is now up for sale at a $1500 "friends and family" price.
 Bike needs NOTHING and has new tires, rebuilt forks and carbs, new valve
seats (honed the valve guides, too) and LOTS more.  Really fun bike; it's
just too small for longer legged folk.

Drew in VT


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