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Okay, I have gone around and about and around.  I have been considering
finding a '95 plus Gpz, but I have come to the conclusion in another fit of
nostalgia that what I really want is a zx900 ninja any year in solid
condition to go with my '84 Geeper.  In addition, I have just purchased the
front end from an '84 zx900 for my geeper project. Decided I didn't want all
that new-fangled zx-11 garbage on it, but liked the concept of the 16 incher
on the front.  It ain't here yet, but when it is and the front end and
headlight are on I will share pics. 

Now... Anyone got a zx900 lying around the house? I believe it may be the
greatest motorcycle ever designed... (Okay, it was my first liter bike, and
I have really fond memories of it - comfy, fast enough, maneuverable enough,
and gosh darnit, people liked it). 

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Me too, what he said about the KLR. Fun, Basic, cheap. Nice to go ride where
the cars aren't. It is good to ride where cell phones don't work.
Jim is right about all of those other bikes too. I would love to have the
KLR for getting dirty, and a good road bike for two-up trips. I might try to
by my GPZ back someday...

Chuck Driscoll
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> I can chime in on a KLR650. 
> Just got one a couple of months ago and it is a
> blast to ride and they are very reasonable price-wise both
> new and used.
> Check this forum out, really nice bunch of folks....
> http://www.klrforum.com/?pageid=active_topics
> John
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> You can try Kawasaki KLR 650, Suzuki DR400s, Suzuki DL650
> or DL 1000 
> vstroms.  All excellent rides.  If she likes the
> up right cruiser seating 
> along with better performance and brakes.  Northrop's
> KLR 650 carried his 
> large frame admirably through Quebec, Labrador and
> Newfoundland at speeds 
> that surprized me.  Both it and the 650 v strom will
> give you nearly 60 mpg 
> if you're riding thrifty.
> Jim
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> > We invested more than $1000 last year to bring the
> wife's Shadow 500 back 
> > to
> > like-new condition.  Now that she's gotten some
> more miles under her belt
> > she's discovered a cruiser is much too short for her
> almost 6' frame.
> > Anyone have an adventure/dual sport for sale? 
> She rode  a Honda 250 dual
> > sport during her rider training course a while ago and
> loved it.  Sat on 
> > an
> > old Nighthawk today and still felt a little
> cramped.  I thought a good old
> > UJM would do the trick for her, but no go.
> >
> > Her '84 Shadow is now up for sale at a $1500 "friends
> and family" price.
> > Bike needs NOTHING and has new tires, rebuilt forks
> and carbs, new valve
> > seats (honed the valve guides, too) and LOTS
> more.  Really fun bike; it's
> > just too small for longer legged folk.
> >
> > Drew in VT
> >
> > --
> >
> > 


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