First ride and new hobbies

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Wed May 12 13:01:29 PDT 2010


Congrats on exercising your rights, I support your decision whole heartedly.

Just my .02, but it's pretty sad when you have to ask the police if
you can have a gun.  I guess I've been lucky to have grown up in the
west where these type of, in my opinion, illegal laws don't exist.  I
own 4 handguns and they will take them only when they pry them from my
cold dead hands.

On a GPZ note, the snow should melt off in time and it will warm up
for a really nice weekend, I think I hear the GPZ calling me for a
ride.  :-)  I'm sure the coyote outside my office this morning will be
happy as well, he didn't look very happy.

Charles S.
NRA Life Member

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> I've also decided this year will be the year I do many things I've wanted to, but could never afford.  The principle goal is to exercise my 2nd amendment Rights.  I've applied for a pistol permit with the Orleans County Sheriff.  There are many factors that led to this, not the least is being approached by (suspected) drug dealers when I come to work at oh-my-god-early in the morning, and a desire to go target shooting.  There is also a need to see how hard it will be to get, as I'd like my wife to get hers as well.  There was a kidnapping from the parking lot where she works, and I worry about her getting out of work at 7pm (used to be 10pm) and the company refuses to hire guards or add security cameras.
> if things work out like I hope (fate, the stars, and any deities willing), I'll be making a run over to Ulster County to pick up what I hope to be my very first pistol, a Smith & Wesson 45 caliber semi-auto.
> So, that's my year in a nutshell.  Going offroading this weekend, then have the required pistol safety course on Monday night.  then I need to get back into recreational riding.  It sucks to only use the bike for the daily commute.
> Michael (still alive) in Holley, NY

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