First ride and new hobbies

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Wed May 12 13:05:51 PDT 2010


Congrats on exercising your rights, I support your decision whole heartedly.

Just my .02, but it's pretty sad when you have to ask the police if
you can have a gun.  I guess I've been lucky to have grown up in the
west where these type of, in my opinion, illegal laws don't exist.  I
own 4 handguns and they will take them only when they pry them from my
cold dead hands.

On a GPZ note, the snow should melt off in time and it will warm up
for a really nice weekend, I think I hear the GPZ calling me for a
ride.  :-)  I'm sure the coyote outside my office this morning will be
happy as well, he didn't look very happy.

Charles S.
NRA Life Member>>

Michael! Welcome back! Look forward to riding with you this year, hopefully. 
It's been a while!  Charles I'm an NRA member too, though not a lifer yet.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
The Motorcyclists Guide to Surviving the Everyday World!" 

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