First ride and new hobbies

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Wed May 12 22:01:18 PDT 2010

ON the handguns:

They can have mine the same way, but they are going to need to bring a
reinforced rifle platoon to get 'em.  I'll start 800yards out with M1-A, 
Take 'em with the 870 in close.  If I'm down to the '45 combat commander, 
It's really too late, and I'm just going to try and take as many with me as
possible ;0

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Congrats on exercising your rights, I support your decision whole heartedly.

Just my .02, but it's pretty sad when you have to ask the police if
you can have a gun.  I guess I've been lucky to have grown up in the
west where these type of, in my opinion, illegal laws don't exist.  I
own 4 handguns and they will take them only when they pry them from my
cold dead hands.

On a GPZ note, the snow should melt off in time and it will warm up
for a really nice weekend, I think I hear the GPZ calling me for a
ride.  :-)  I'm sure the coyote outside my office this morning will be
happy as well, he didn't look very happy.

Charles S.
NRA Life Member>>

Michael! Welcome back! Look forward to riding with you this year, hopefully.

It's been a while!  Charles I'm an NRA member too, though not a lifer yet.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
The Motorcyclists Guide to Surviving the Everyday World!" 

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