Stalling after long lay over

Kevin Hollis kh at
Sun May 30 12:56:46 PDT 2010

I'm just getting back on after the winter, and a season ticket on the 
(It's been a busy few months !!)

I've got her started but she's stalling at low revs, I can't get the 
clutch fully out.
I almost pull away, with sliding the clutch but then stalls when I let 
it out fully.
If I stick it up at 9-10,000 rpm it will go,but I'm in a small built up 
area so I can't do that for more than a fraction of a second!
The back brake disk is hot, even though I've not really used it and have 
only done a couple of circuits of the block,and our blocks are only ten 

Would a seized back brake explain this behaviour ?
(I'm hoping that you say yes rather than 'no probably need to strip the 

I'll have a go at the brake tomorrow but some confirmation from 
experienced mechanical types would be really useful.


1995 GPz 1100

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