Stalling after long lay over

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sun May 30 13:35:11 PDT 2010

It could be your rear brake lever is siezed.  Put the bike on the centre 
stand and in nuetral.  Try to turn the rear wheel by hand.  If the wheel 
doen't turn grab the rear brake pedal and pull it up to see if you can 
release the brake.  If this works remove the brake pedal and lube the brake 
pedal shaft.  You may be able to get it free spraying WD40 or some other 
liquid lubricat.  I used to mine a shot of chain lube every other time I 
lubed the chain.  If a siezed brake pedal is the problem its best to remove 
it clean both the shaft and brake pedal then lube both with a good marine 
grade grease.

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Subject: Stalling after long lay over

> I'm just getting back on after the winter, and a season ticket on the 
> train.
> (It's been a busy few months !!)
> I've got her started but she's stalling at low revs, I can't get the 
> clutch fully out.
> I almost pull away, with sliding the clutch but then stalls when I let it 
> out fully.
> If I stick it up at 9-10,000 rpm it will go,but I'm in a small built up 
> area so I can't do that for more than a fraction of a second!
> The back brake disk is hot, even though I've not really used it and have 
> only done a couple of circuits of the block,and our blocks are only ten 
> houses!
> Would a seized back brake explain this behaviour ?
> (I'm hoping that you say yes rather than 'no probably need to strip the 
> carbs'.)
> I'll have a go at the brake tomorrow but some confirmation from 
> experienced mechanical types would be really useful.
> Thanks
> Kevin
> 1995 GPz 1100

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