Stalling after long lay over

Kevin Hollis kh at
Sun May 30 16:05:34 PDT 2010

Marilyn Mason wrote:
> It could be your rear brake lever is siezed.  Put the bike on the 
> centre stand and in nuetral.  Try to turn the rear wheel by hand.  If 
> the wheel doen't turn grab the rear brake pedal and pull it up to see 
> if you can release the brake.  If this works remove the brake pedal 
> and lube the brake pedal shaft.  You may be able to get it free 
> spraying WD40 or some other liquid lubricat.  I used to mine a shot of 
> chain lube every other time I lubed the chain.  If a siezed brake 
> pedal is the problem its best to remove it clean both the shaft and 
> brake pedal then lube both with a good marine grade grease.
> Jim

Well that'd be better than having to strip down the calipers, I'll try 
that first.


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