[Nova] Remember VOTE tomorrow

Randolph Peters arpee44 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 20:51:12 PDT 2010

Hi Ralph,
I thank you for your honest response and respect your opinion with which I 
respectfully disagree.
I think that the sentence "Unlike  his predecessor, he is a very intelligent 
leader" is objectively provable FACT.  Bush was a "D" student in Yale where as a 
binge-drinking wastrel he was admitted due to white Affirmative Action ("legacy" 
set-aside); Obama was president of the Harvard Law Society.
However, I do agree with you that the disrespect of the office of president also 
characterized the Bush administration. I never agreed with those leftist 
extremists who printed t-shirts with Bush being branded "International 
I'm disappointed in your statement "Obama is a lousy president". I would have 
thought that the rational  mind I admire through the many contributions to this 
list on the subjects of how motorcycles work; problem-solving advice, etc would 
have provided a rational basis for such a statement.
Is he a 'lousy president" because he:
1. Reformed our health care system allowing cancer survivors like a few members 
of my family a chance at an expectation of not being condemned to an early death 
due to their "pre-existing condition"?
2. Saved the economy from tanking completely which would have been inevitable 
following the connivance of the previous regime with their sub-prime- purveying 
3. Extricated us from a useless war which was hemorrhaging our nation's blood 
and wealth while funneling wealth to Texas oilmen?
Or is he a "lousy president" because he is BLACK?
(BTW, I'm with the Tea Party on the issue of the spiralling deficit. We may have 
to ditch our Harleys for Hyosung motorcycles if China gets mad.)

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You know I'm trying to see what your point is here. You just sent a very 
biased leftwing article where the guy literally says " Unlike his 
predecessor, he’s a very intelligent leader."  The author is asking us to 
respect the President's office, but he ultimately had no respect for the 
previous President, as is so evidenced by his article. Sorry, Obama is a 
lousy President and the eight years prior to that I had to endure seeing all 
kinds of derogatory commentary about President Bush, and no one in the media 
raised a hand in objection. I'll take a cue from the liberals of the last 
decade,  as so many said, and wore T shirts and signs proclaiming during the 
Bush administration, "He's not my President."  The same holds true for me.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
The Motorcyclists Guide to Surviving the Everyday World!"
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