No Juice

Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Mon Nov 8 20:20:01 PST 2010

    Funny thing happened this morning. Turned the key to start the
bike and the lights went off like I blew a fuse. Checked it out when I
got home later but kind of stumped. Battery just two years old and my
voltmeter reads 12.80 volts when I check it. The main fuse checks good
also. Pulled the tank to get to the ign. switch plug. I have juice to
the white wire but when I turn the switch to the on postion that wire
no longer shows hot. Seems like it should stay hot and also give the
brown wire to the ignitor box juice.  The clock in the instr cluster
working till I turn the key to on then that stops also.

     No juice no nothing. Any ideas?

    Les J

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