GPS Options?

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Mon Nov 15 16:39:17 PST 2010

<<I LOVE my Zumo 550! On the bike, in my car or rentals, across the country!
Garmina is an indispensable travel companion.

She's "misled" me a few times, but that's because she's often required to
figure out an shortcut from BFE to BFW via the Middle of F**king Nowhere,
so my fault there.

One point I can't comment on about the NuVi, but that I like about the
Zumo is motorcycle-specific design & durability. It's
water/heat/cold/shock resistant, which justifies a chunk of the change
they ask for these things... It's got bluetooth and a couple other things
I don't use, but the MP3 player is nice for longer rides.


Rob, the worst GPS experience I ever had was going on a ski trip up to 
Stratton about 6 years ago, Jerry had just bought this GPS called a 'NavMan' 
And the thing was insisting on taking me down a side street, I followed it 
and it turned out to be a dead end. Not a big deal, except we were in the 
middle of a freakin' blizzard! I had to work to get turned around on that 
side street, but did, then as we got close to Stratton there was sign that 
said Stratton this way, we turned the GPS agreed and we ended up almost 
getting stuck on an iced over side street that I had to keep backing up and 
getting up a head of steam going to make it out of a gully in the road. Just 
as I get past this thing a mini van goes sailing past me sideways. It spun 
around completely before righting itself and continuing on. Bizzarre night!

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
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